Massage Business Basics


After the massage, there is the laundry

Yes indeed,  Laundry is one of the biggest indicators that your massage business is going well.  I bet you didn’t know that doing laundry would be such a big part of doing massage!  I probably would have went into something else! Haha! Sheets are an important part of the process of the massage itself.  I […]

massage business names

It is all in a massage business name

Choosing a Massage business name requires careful thought and planning. Your name will carry with you for a long time even if you decide to change it.  I share an office space with someone who used to have the name -Swedish, Sports and Therapeutic Massage which she started in 1984.  Her business name has actually […]

Your Website Needs to Work!

WordPress Settings

WordPress Websites for Massage Therapists

WordPress is being used more and more by massage therapists to create their website.  WordPress is actually software that was created for blogging but because it is easy to learn and use it can be used to create a website along with a blog for your massage business.  You will have to do some work […]

Google wants Content!

Feed Google with Content

There is nothing better than feeding that Google Monster that we have all come to love and hate, with Content.  Content is really what the internet is all about.  People want to find information.  When you can provide a solution to their problem ( their search) and they can find that info easily (in the […]

Referral Marketing: Your People Have People Who Have People

How to get massage clients to rebook

Getting Massage Clients to rebook or come in again is the easiest way to build a massage business. Why is rebooking important?  Getting regular clients will create a client base for you to work off of and give you some level of security in your massage business.   You will use less resources trying to get […]

Are your referrals getting to you?

Getting referrals from clients or other health care professionals can be a big part of building and maintaining a massage business.  Connecting with people and developing a relationship with them is the foundation of a referral network. Every client you work on has the potential to refer many people to you.  They will go back […]

Self Care : Take Care of Yourself so You can Give Care to Others

Climbing out of the money fog

For some reason money seems to be a big issue for many massage therapists.  Many come to the profession because they want to “help’ others.  Helping others seems to become equated with you can’t make money for helping people.  It is common to hear ” I am not in this for the money” or “I […]

The Meaning of Money

Money and how to create a solid massage business that keeps making money is one of the biggest challenges for massage therapists.  The thing is that the meaning of money is so filled with so many old beliefs and emotional ties that it makes money look like the bad guy.  People equate making money with […]

Ethics/Supervision : Getting Clear and Getting Support


Not too deep, but deep enough…getting the pressure just right.

One of the most important parts of a massage is getting the pressure just right for the client – so important that they will come back again and again and also tell ALL of their friends and family members about you.   But how do you get the pressure juuussst right for every client. Well honesty […]

What is Supervision?

Supervision aka Clinical Supervision is one of those things that is difficult to explain. I found Supervision or it found me in about 2001, after a few years of dealing with a minor illness that kept me from working to my fullest ability.  I had also been a massage therapist for about 12 years at […]

Massage Insurance Billing: Putting the Care Back in Health Care

WA State Massage Therapists Lead the Way in Health Care

How is it that WA State massage therapists are so far ahead of all of the other states as far as being involved in Health Care? Is it more education?  No.  We have had 500 hours of required training since about 1989. The one thing I have seen consistently in WA State, is that there […]


The Dark Side of Massage Insurance Billing

I know I am always talking about massage insurance billing and how it is one of the things that has allowed me to stay in business now since 1989, but there is the other side of billing insurance: The headaches with insurance companies, healthcare changes, working with doctors/lawyers and things like how clients deal with […]