Start With Your Website

Website Tier Structure

DIY Websites – Step by Step Massage Websites

Your website can be your main source of clients!  It is also a great educational tool and helps build trust with readers helping to get more clients in the door! Here is my step by step outline used in the DIY Websites Class! Choose a domain name.   A domain name is part of optimizing a […]


Is Your Website Good Enough to E-A-T?

Now your website needs to be good enough to E-A-T…that is it has to pass the guidelines that were just released by Google called E-A-T  (“Expertise, Authoritativeness or Trustworthiness”): High quality pages and websites need enough expertise to be authoritative and trustworthy on their topic. What makes a page Highest quality? We require at least […]

Build Your Referral Network

How to get massage clients to rebook

Getting Massage Clients to rebook or come in again is the easiest way to build a massage business. Why is rebooking important?  Getting regular clients will create a client base for you to work off of and give you some level of security in your massage business.   You will use less resources trying to get […]

Ethics and Boundaries for a Strong Foundation

Powerful Policies

Create Powerful Policies

Massage Cancellation and no show policies are perhaps the most important part of your massage business framework. Your business framework is what supports you in the process of doing business. These policies also bring up strong emotions and challenges in doing so.  How you set your cancellation and no show policies will affect the whole […]

Self Care Begins with YOU!

Climbing out of the money fog

For some reason money seems to be a big issue for many massage therapists.  Many come to the profession because they want to “help’ others.  Helping others seems to become equated with you can’t make money for helping people.  It is common to hear ” I am not in this for the money” or “I […]