Self Care Begins with YOU!

Climbing out of the money fog

For some reason money seems to be a big issue for many massage therapists.  Many come to the profession because they want to “help’ others.  Helping others seems to become equated with you can’t make money for helping people.  It is common to hear ” I am not in this for the money” or “I […]

Get Your Website Working for You!


Massage Websites : Choosing a Webhost

Getting started on creating your website can be really overwhelming with so many choices and options for starting your website.  You will need to choose a webhost and software to create your website – what to choose, what to choose, what to choose…. Start with where you are at. If you are an ABMP member […]

Ethics and Boundaries for a Strong Foundation

Powerful Policies

Create Powerful Policies

Massage Cancellation and no show policies are perhaps the most important part of your massage business framework. Your business framework is what supports you in the process of doing business. These policies also bring up strong emotions and challenges in doing so.  How you set your cancellation and no show policies will affect the whole […]

Build Your Referral Network

The Art of Getting Referrals to Build your Massage Business

Getting clients through building a referral network (aka. word-of-mouth) is really an art form.  Getting this down will mean that your business will basically build itself. You have to start thinking about who is most likely to refer clients to you for massage.  You have to start thinking about who you actually even want referrals […]