Setting Your Massage Fees

Setting your massage fees is one of the most basic things yet the most complicated.  You want to set your fees low enough so that you will get a steady stream of clients but not too high that you are not affordable by most people.  You also want to be able to make a living, […]

Online Scheduling Software for Massage Therapists

Websites that work for Massage Therapists

Online Scheduling Software for Massage Therapists is an important tool for your massage business.  With online scheduling it frees up your time and lets clients book appointments directly from your website. There are so many different systems that is really difficult to choose.  You just have to start testing them one by one to see […]

Groupon or not to Groupon – that is the question.

Groupon/Group buying for massage therapists

Groupon and group buying is becoming the new online marketing tool for many companies.  The group buying process is offered by many companies like,, amazon local and  (There are also many others!)  Offering massage services through one of these companies can drive clients to your door but it can also be at […]

After the massage, there is the laundry


Yes indeed,  Laundry is one of the biggest indicators that your massage business is going well.  I bet you didn’t know that doing laundry would be such a big part of doing massage!  I probably would have went into something else! Haha! Sheets are an important part of the process of the massage itself.  I […]

It is all in a massage business name

massage business names

Choosing a Massage business name requires careful thought and planning. Your name will carry with you for a long time even if you decide to change it.  I share an office space with someone who used to have the name -Swedish, Sports and Therapeutic Massage which she started in 1984.  Her business name has actually […]

Are you Ready to Start Your Massage Business?

Most massage therapists will eventually start their own business or some even start it right out of massage school.  Starting a massage business takes more than most people think.   If you are planning on starting a massage business in 2014 or anytime soon well start doing some planning first! Do you have enough in savings […]

What’s the Value of a Massage Today?

How much is a massage really worth?  What is the value of a massage today? I have heard so many massage therapist complaining about how groupon offers and franchise prices are driving down the value of a massage.  The value of a massage is only what someone will pay for it.  Many people will still […]

Don’t be scared to Raise Your Massage Fees

Educated Heart

Raising Your Massage Fees is often a difficult part of being in business for yourself as a massage therapist.  On one hand you want to be able to provide affordable massages to people and on the other hand, you need to make a living to stay in business so that you can continue to serve […]

The art of making appointments

Making appointments with your massage clients is really an art form and it is really an important part of building a successful massage business.  The appointment is of course how you will make your living.  The more appointments and the more repeat appointments the better! When clients are calling to make an appointment (or emailing […]

Spending Plans for a massage business

Every year I track my income and expenses on what is called a spending plan.  I learned this from a money coach – Mikelann Valterra who I worked with for a few years.  The system is quite unique in that it isn’t about creating a budget but it is about creating a plan of what […]