Create Powerful Policies

Powerful Policies

Massage Cancellation and no show policies are perhaps the most important part of your massage business framework. Your business framework is what supports you in the process of doing business. These policies also bring up strong emotions and challenges in doing so.  How you set your cancellation and no show policies will affect the whole […]

The answer to venting/complaining….Boom! Boundaries!

After many years of reading through post after post of rants/vents about clients from massage therapists in the many online discussion groups,  I have come to see that there is so much that massage therapists need help with. When you feel frustrated or upset or just feel like you want to vent about it on […]

The end of energy vampires in the massage profession.

energy vampires: not

I thought I had written something on this already but couldn’t find it so here I am again. The word ‘energy vampire’ seems to come up every so often in discussions about massage sessions with clients.  It is often talked about in massage school too I imagine.  I did find an article on it at […]

The Caring Business – how to make money and still care

Massage Therapy - The Business of Caring

One common theme I see in the massage profession is that many massage therapists think it is much better to care and charge less or not promote themselves enough so they have enough clients than to make money.  Yup…me too.  Been there, done that and still struggle with issues around making money myself.  Who doesn’t?  […]

When Massage Therapists sell products


Selling products to your massage clients is one way that  you can boost your income as a massage therapist.  The trouble is that there is so much more to selling products than meets the eye.   It seems many massage therapists don’t really understand the therapeutic relationship and the power differential that occurs during a massage […]

When Your Clients Don’t Listen


A recent discussion on has inspired me to write an article about this exact thing.  What happens when your massage clients don’t listen to you and they don’t do the things that you are telling them to do that might help them get better?   It can be really frustrating to massage therapists when that […]

Marketing for Male Massage Therapists

Marketing for male massage therapists is one of those interesting topics to be written by a female – me!  But I have seen too many men shoot themselves in the foot.   Men don’t want to get massaged by men.  Women don’t want to get massaged by men.  So who is left for men in the […]

The Therapeutic Relationship in the Massage Profession

The therapeutic relationship that occurs between a massage therapist and a massage client is one of the keys to being a successful massage therapist.  The therapeutic relationship is what allows healing to happen for both the massage client and the massage therapist. The therapeutic relationship is talked about by many authors in the massage profession. […]

Massage Client Relationships

Understanding massage client relationships will help you in building your massage business just as much as any marketing plan or website.  In learning about client relationships and learning to develop them you will be learning about yourself and your own needs -personal and business needs.  As you become more aware of your needs you will […]