The Art of Getting Referrals to Build your Massage Business

Getting clients through building a referral network (aka. word-of-mouth) is really an art form.  Getting this down will mean that your business will basically build itself. You have to start thinking about who is most likely to refer clients to you for massage.  You have to start thinking about who you actually even want referrals from in the first place. There is nothing … [Read more...]

How to get massage clients to rebook

Getting Massage Clients to rebook or come in again is the easiest way to build a massage business. Why is rebooking important?  Getting regular clients will create a client base for you to work off of and give you some level of security in your massage business.   You will use less resources trying to get all new clients in the door in addition to having regular income.  The … [Read more...]

Are your referrals getting to you?

Getting referrals from clients or other health care professionals can be a big part of building and maintaining a massage business.  Connecting with people and developing a relationship with them is the foundation of a referral network. Every client you work on has the potential to refer many people to you.  They will go back to their offices exclaiming that they just had a … [Read more...]

Getting Doctors to Refer to your massage business

Getting doctors to refer clients to your massage business is a big challenge still today even with massage being more accepted and having more research available.  Doctors are usually very busy and don't have time to learn about something like massage.  There are many doctors and health care providers that would really be helping their patients if they referred more to … [Read more...]