Why Massage Insurance Billing?

Can you bill one insurance case in the next 6 months? I suggest you start with a car accident case or a work related injury case.  Right now in most states, you can bill easily for a car accident or worker comp case. Why am I asking you to do this? We need you!  The massage profession needs you! Yes massage insurance billing may seem like a nightmare to you...but it … [Read more...]

Issues in Complementary and Alternative Medicine


From the Report of the Clinician Workgroup on the Integration of Complementary and Alternative Medicine January 2000.  Washington State Report of the Clinician Workgroup on the Inegration of CAM    Page 39 Factual Chronology Of Legal Events Related to RCW 48.43.045 April 1993    The Washington State legislature adopted the "every category of provider" mandate as part of … [Read more...]

WA State Massage Insurance Billing


Massage Therapists are licensed as Health Care Providers. (need citation/resource) Every Category Law makes it mandatory that massage therapists be included as providers for health insurance plans.  Labor and Industries  Become a provider with L&I  How to bill L&I How to Bill Electronically Billing Workshops offered by L&I Fee schedules Use the … [Read more...]

The Future of Massage/Bodywork In Healthcare


I had the pleasure of attending a symposium called The Future of Bodywork: Surviving Corporate Healthcare last night put on by Jack Blackburn and the Trillium Institute in conjunction with Brian Utting and the Pacific Northwest School of Massage and wanted to share my impressions and insights as we move forward in WA State as health care providers. Deborah Senn, our past … [Read more...]

Common ICD-9 codes for Massage Therapists

Common ICD 9 Codes used by doctors when prescribing massage therapy: Numerical Listing of ICD 9 CM Codes The referring physician must supply all diagnosis codes. If you determine a code yourself, you are practicing out of your scope of practice and may be found to be practicing illegally in your state. You may lose your license. There are general pain codes that are … [Read more...]