WA State Massage Insurance Billing


Massage Therapists are licensed as Health Care Providers. (need citation/resource) Every Category Law makes it mandatory that massage therapists be included as providers for health insurance plans.  Labor and Industries  Become a provider with L&I  How to bill L&I How to Bill Electronically Billing Workshops offered by L&I Fee schedules Use the latest CMS 1500 […]

The Future of Massage/Bodywork In Healthcare


I had the pleasure of attending a symposium called The Future of Bodywork: Surviving Corporate Healthcare last night put on by Jack Blackburn and the Trillium Institute in conjunction with Brian Utting and the Pacific Northwest School of Massage and wanted to share my impressions and insights as we move forward in WA State as […]

Common ICD-9 codes for Massage Therapists

Common ICD 9 Codes used by doctors when prescribing massage therapy: Numerical Listing of ICD 9 CM Codes The referring physician must supply all diagnosis codes. If you determine a code yourself, you are practicing out of your scope of practice and may be found to be practicing illegally in your state. You may lose […]

The Dark Side of Massage Insurance Billing


I know I am always talking about massage insurance billing and how it is one of the things that has allowed me to stay in business now since 1989, but there is the other side of billing insurance: The headaches with insurance companies, healthcare changes, working with doctors/lawyers and things like how clients deal with […]

AMTA WA Annual Meeting Report

I am still recovering from attending the AMTA WA annual meeting last Saturday.  They had 3 different talks on insurance billing.  The first speaker was teaching how to get into doing health insurance billing which everyone really knew.  Here are some highlights: Read your contracts Read the Billing and Treatment Guidelines for each insurance company. […]

2013 – Getting Massage Covered by Health Insurance

Massage Insurance Billing Form

2013 will be a big year for the massage profession and massage therapists.  One of the major things we will have to be working on as a profession is whether or not massage will be covered on health insurance plans in every state under the Affordable Care Act which goes into effect in 2014. This […]

The Affordable Healthcare Act and the Massage Profession

This is the information that I got from attending the WA State AMTA Convention on April 26 from their Government Relations Presentation from Barbara Fly from the Insurance Commissioners office and David Madison who is a consultant for the AMTA WA. The Affordable Healthcare Act was a bill created by President Obama that was signed […]