How to Start and run a Mobile Massage Business

A Mobile massage business is a type of massage business that goes out to people’s homes, hotels or other such facilities to bring massage to the massage client!  It can be just about anywhere – a party for weddings, going into senior facilities, going into offices or companies where people need massage.  I have even […]

We have got Trouble with a capital T.

Trouble in Paradise with a Capital T

Yes we have some big trouble brewing and happening right now even in the massage profession. Here is the background: Number of Massage Schools Number of massage schools 1985 = 50 Number of Massage schools 1995 = 316 Number of Massage Schools 2004 = 1346 Massage Envy started in about 2002 by John Leonisio who […]

Nothing is Private on Facebook

Facebook Profile

Your Facebook profile and anything you say on Facebook really is open to exposure by the public no matter how you have your privacy settings.   This is true especially if you are posting using your personal profile on the many massage discussion groups/pages on Facebook.   For example:  My Fan Page for this site is […]

Good bye 2013 – Hello 2014

Cluster of colorful Fourth of July fireworks

The passing of another year and what will the new year bring?    It is such an interesting thing that we do on New Years.  Take a look back at the old and start planning for the new year.  Why do we do this now anyways?  Why not Feb 1st? or June 1st? The year brought […]

The Pistol Packing Massage Therapists

Western accessories for the Moder Massage Therapist

Being a massage therapists comes with many risks of personal safety on the job.  We often work alone, behind closed doors.  We work late at night sometimes and also go out to strangers homes and hotels putting ourselves at risk.   As massage therapists, we are subject to harassment in many forms from clients including assault, […]

I have a dream….

World Peace Through Massage

From the beginning of time, touch has been a part of our world and life.   Through the many years, many people have taken touch and made it into more structured touch  -massage.  The forefathers/mothers of massage have brought us to where we are today. We are in the midst of many exciting and challenging issues […]

Teach Couples Massage Classes

Teach Couples Massage Classes

Teaching couples massage classes is a great way to make extra money while also reducing the stress on your body.  It is also a great way to get people touching each other more.  I recently just taught my first individual class and I have to say it was one of the funnest (is that a […]

The Year in Review

Insurance Billing 101 for Massage Therapists

What a year it has been!!  Time just keeps going faster and faster it seems!   It is a great time to take a look back at the year and make peace with the losses and integrate the positive moments to make way for the new year.  Isn’t it funny how having a new year can […]