What is Supervision?

Supervision aka Clinical Supervision is one of those things that is difficult to explain. I found Supervision or it found me in about 2001, after a few years of dealing with a minor illness that kept me from working to my fullest ability.  I had also been a massage therapist for about 12 years at […]

The Therapeutic Relationship in the Massage Profession

The therapeutic relationship that occurs between a massage therapist and a massage client is one of the keys to being a successful massage therapist.  The therapeutic relationship is what allows healing to happen for both the massage client and the massage therapist. The therapeutic relationship is talked about by many authors in the massage profession. […]

Massage Client Relationships

Understanding massage client relationships will help you in building your massage business just as much as any marketing plan or website.  In learning about client relationships and learning to develop them you will be learning about yourself and your own needs -personal and business needs.  As you become more aware of your needs you will […]

Supervision for Massage Therapists

Supervision is a fairly new concept in the massage profession but one that I feel will be the way for massage therapists to get the recognition and the clients that one needs to make a really great living while doing something that you love. If you aren’t familiar with supervision, it is quite simply just […]