DIY Websites – Step by Step Massage Websites

Website Tier Structure

Your website can be your main source of clients!  It is also a great educational tool and helps build trust with readers helping to get more clients in the door! Here is my step by step outline used in the DIY Websites Class! Choose a domain name.   A domain name is part of optimizing a […]

Is Your Website Good Enough to E-A-T?


Now your website needs to be good enough to E-A-T…that is it has to pass the guidelines that were just released by Google called E-A-T  (“Expertise, Authoritativeness or Trustworthiness”): High quality pages and websites need enough expertise to be authoritative and trustworthy on their topic. What makes a page Highest quality? We require at least […]

Online Scheduling Software for Massage Therapists

Online Scheduling Software for Massage Therapists is an important tool for your massage business.  With online scheduling it frees up your time and lets clients book appointments directly from your website. There are so many different systems that is really difficult to choose.  You just have to start testing them one by one to see […]

WordPress Websites for Massage Therapists

WordPress Settings

WordPress is being used more and more by massage therapists to create their website.  WordPress is actually software that was created for blogging but because it is easy to learn and use it can be used to create a website along with a blog for your massage business.  You will have to do some work […]

Feed Google with Content

Google wants Content!

There is nothing better than feeding that Google Monster that we have all come to love and hate, with Content.  Content is really what the internet is all about.  People want to find information.  When you can provide a solution to their problem ( their search) and they can find that info easily (in the […]

Starting with a Free Website

The process of starting a website can be overwhelming with all of the choices for hosting and designers that are out there today.  It can leave you stuck and not moving forward. If this is the case, I would recommend that you begin with a free blog at   The reason why I recommend WordPress […]

Creating Your Web Presence

Massage Websites

Starting a Website in itself can be confusing.  There are so many options out there for hosting and design services.   Most of the massage associations offer a free or low cost massage website.  While these are a good place to begin learning about websites they are in my view just a start.  These free websites […]