Marketing Massage

Monica Roseberry in the first edition of her book Marketing Massage: From First Job to Dream Practice (link goes to 2nd edition! which does not have this info!)
studied massage therapists across the country to try to uncover just what it took to be a successful massage therapist.

What she discovered was that what made the difference in creating a successful practice had nothing to do with the amount of money one spent on marketing and advertising, but was more about the quality of the therapist.

The things that she found to be most important were:

  1. Having a desire to serve.
  2. The commitment to succeed.
  3. A strong emphasis on Professionalism
  4. A commitment to Excellent Customer Service
She saw massage therapist who spent thousands on nice office space, marketing materials and presentations fail in their massage business.  She saw people succeed with just a simple home designed business card.  The difference in each persons success or failure had nothing to do with the amount of education, marketing or other factors.  The difference was in each person and how they approached building a practice and what they thought of themselves.  The difference between having a long, successful and rewarding massage practice is YOU.
What makes the difference is your perspective and ambition.  What makes the difference is your commitment and ability to ask for what you desire.
What makes the difference is what core beliefs you have and what thoughts you have about yourself.  You see it is really your beliefs and thoughts that lead to feelings that you have which lead to taking actions that support or hinder your goals and desires.   The actions you take are what will get you where you want to go.

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