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 Get More Clients with a Website that Works!



Stop wasting money on designers and expensive webhosting accounts.

Stop wasting money on SEO services and Adwords!

Anyone can create a website these days and anyone can learn basic SEO skills to make it work!

When a Website “Works”, it will be attracting your “Ideal Clients” while you do massage (or while sleeping!)

A Website that Works Will:

  1. Get your site listed on the first page and preferably the top 2 listings of Google (and all of the other search engines)
  2. Attract Your Ideal Client
  3. Get Your Ideal Client to click on the listing!
  4. Get Your Ideal Client to call or make the appointment!
  5. And Get Your Ideal client to keep coming back each week/month
  6. AND Send in all of their friends/family members/co-workers
  7. AND Makes you money while you do massage!

A Website for your massage business is one of the best tools for getting more massage clients. When people are searching for the words ‘massage your city’ and your website turns up on the top of the first page of results on any of the search engines – people will already be looking for massage!  That is the best kind of client to get!  They are already an Ideal Client!  They are looking for massage!  They already understand the value of massage and they want one or they have a problem that they are looking for a solution for so they are searching for massage!

That is what makes a Website that Works!  Your website will attract your Ideal Client! It doesn’t get any easier than that really.

You will learn how to make that happen and you can do it all your self! No matter what website system you are using (as long as you have access to the website to create and edit your own content and can create as many pages as you want.)

In this Ebook You Will Learn:

  • How the Internet works.  Having a basic understanding will help you to understand why we need to tell search engines about your site and what your site is about.
  • The Basics of Web hosting – how to choose a host and software to make your site.
  • How to Choose the Best Domain for your website – it is part branding and part Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Basic Site Design and Navigation – Keep it Simple and Easy!
  • Meta tags – Tell the search engines what is on your page and make searchers want to click!
  • Content is what makes the internet work.   The search engines are in the business of finding the best content for their users.  Content not only needs to be good these days, it needs to be sharable!  Content is how you build trust by showing you know what you are doing!
  • Top 3 Content Pages – The home page, the about me page, the about your services page – Get these right and you are miles ahead of the competition.
  • More Content- Google wants fresh, sharable content!
  • Building Traffic : 5 easy things to do to build traffic!
  • Social Media Intro : Facebook and Google Plus
  • Newsletters, Online Scheduling, Blogging
  • Making extra money from your website and even making a living from an online business.


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Don’t be left behind!  Start Getting the Results You Need!

You can be getting most of your clients from your website so you can do what you do best – Massage!

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Who am I to be offering this information?   I have been creating websites since 1999 and have been making part of my living online from my websites.  I am also shy and an introvert so when I figured out that websites were the way for me to get new clients without having to go to scary, boring, networking events.  And now with all the group buying deals, issues with yelp reviewws and even the many changes at Facebook making it more difficult to get posts in front of potential clients – I just want to share what I know so you don’t have to waste your time with all of those things and you can get right to what you want to be doing – Massage!

Need more help in getting your website into shape?  Join me in my DIY Websites for Massage Therapists!  private/closed Facebook Group and get your questions answered!



    • Julie Onofrio says

      Yes there is a lot more too it- it is all explained in my Ebook. It is also about using keywords in a specific way on pages and creating content – lots of it. It is also about getting other sites to link to you. Thanks!

  1. says

    Hey Julie,
    Any chance you will publish your book on amazon or something like that ? I just finished reading the updated version and I’m quite happy with the book in terms of the technical knowledge and way you described what needs to be done. I’d love to write a nice review somewhere.

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