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New Edition: Get More Clients with a Website that Works!

Nov 24 2013! Totally revised and updated.

Still don’t have a website?

Still don’t get most of your clients from your website?

The time is now!

After the past few years of the many changes at Google, you now really need to know much more about getting your website up and running and getting it found by the search engines!

A massage business website without traffic is a massage therapist without enough clients! The things we previously knew as search engine optimization (before 2011 when Google started handing out penalties) is totally different.  It used to be all about keywords, metatags, links and content. Today, Nov 2013,  it is all about Content, Content, Content.   Google can understand the meaning of words now!   They know you have been trying to trick them to get your website found.  They know you were trying to trick them if you get tons of links from link directories.  They know you were trying to trick them if you used article spinning software or copy and pasted content from other sites.   They don’t like it when you have lousy content!

Now more than ever it is most imperative to have a Website that Works!

A Website for your massage business is one of the best tools for getting more massage clients. When people are searching for the words ‘massage your city’ and your website turns up on the top of the first page of results on any of the search engines – people will already be looking for massage!  That is the best kind of client to get!  They are already an Ideal Client!  They are looking for massage!  They already understand the value of massage and they want one or they have a problem that they are looking for a solution for so they are searching for massage!

That is what makes a Website that Works!  Your website will attract your Ideal Client! It doesn’t get any easier than that really.

To make that happen though, your website needs to be on the very top of the first page of search results.  The little blurb that shows up also has to make your clients want to click on the listing!  That is done with the metatags which are a hidden part of the site that tells the search engines what is on your page. I have it all explained in my Ebook – Websites that Work for Massage Therapists. It is also the text that shows up in the listing on the search results page so it is important to write compelling metatags.  It is a part of what is called search engine optimization – or getting your website ready for the search engines so that they will find you! After they click on the search listing and go to your website, you will need to have enough information (content) to further educate them as to why your massage is different and why they should call you for an appointment.

The goal is to have your page on the very top of the first page of all of the search engines. The content that you write and the pages you create will also help get search engines to your website.  The more pages you have, the more targets you have for getting found. The most important pages will be your about me page and your massage services pages.  The pages must also be linked together in a specific way to help with search engine optimization (SEO).

Google and all of the search engines depend on links.  Links are the only way they get to anything on the internet. They connect websites together and connect websites to all of the other websites out there.  So knowing how to link your pages together and get other websites to link to you can help get you more traffic and clients. The content is what will set you apart from all of the other massage therapists out there.

You will look like the expert on massage and that looks good to people who are going to an appointment with a massage therapist which is such a vulnerable event in some ways.  People need to trust you before they call.  You build trust online with information. That is what people are looking for when they search online.  Give it to them and you are steps ahead of every other massage therapist out there. A Website that works, will also make you money while you do massage.  You can do that through promoting affiliate products.  The way that works is that you find reputable products, ebooks, books or other massage tools even and become an affiliate with a company that sells these things.  You will be given specific links to put on your site and when people buy things through the links, you get paid a percentage of the fee.  Having residual income can help you in slow times or while you are building your practice.  You can even create a separate site on something that you know and love and create even more residual income! (Like I do with my sites!) My new Ebook -currently in PDF download only but coming soon to Kindle) will help you do just that -

Get your website to work for you and bring you the bulk of all your clients.

Massage Websites

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You can be getting most of your clients from your website so you can do what you do best – Massage!

Table of Contents


1         How the Internet Works

2        Web Hosting Basics :Website Software, Finding a Hosting Company, Search Engines, Free Websites, Domain Names

3        Site Design and Navigation

4        Meta tags  :  Tell the search engines what is on your pages!

5        Let the Content Begin!

6        The Home Page, About Me and Massage Services Pages

7        Build More Content for Search Engines and Potential Clients

8       Building traffic: Getting your site found: Submit Your Site To Search engines, Backlinks, Local Search, Citations, Go Mobile, Google Authorship

9         Social Media :  Facebook,  Google Plus

10    Newsletters, Online Scheduling, Blogging

11     Making extra money from your website

12    Creating additional online businesses

13    Summary

14    Resources

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