How to Start a Mobile Spa Business

One of the many possibilities for starting a massage business also includes the option to start your own mobile spa massage business.  It is more than just a regular mobile

How to Create a Mobile Spa Business

How to Create a Mobile Spa Business

massage concept.  It is adding the many options of spa procedures to the list of services and doing this in the comfort of the clients home.  You can do body scrubs, body wraps, manicure/pedicures,  couples massage, foot/hand treatments,  hot stone, and paraffin treatments all in the comfort of the client’s home! It is great for wedding parties or any other special occasions where women (and I would guess Men too!) just like to get together.

Helen Hodgson of and,  now has created a mobile massage empire and is now sharing her secrets and methods with everyone in her new Ebook : 

5 Steps to Owning Your Own Mobile Spa Business: Reach more clients, have more freedom and flexibility.

She also was voted one of the best massage therapists by Allure Magazine and was featured in Massage Magazine, Vibe Vixen and Chill Out LA. She has also been on TV and the radio – NBC, The Benefits of Massage, E Channel, Discovery Channel and MTV.

I like the title right off the bat.  I have always been a fan of Work Less/Play More!

The other thing that I really like about this Ebook/Program that it was created by Helen as a way to solve a problem.  She started working at a spa early in her career and working long, hard hours and realized that there had to be a better way.  One of the things that she always heard clients saying was that they wished that they could all be in one room (for like a bridal shower or other group celebration gathering).  She also kept hearing that they didn’t like having  to deal with all the hassles of getting to the spa, parking, checking in and the organization of the spas.  She put the two together and created the Mobile Spa Concept – taking spa services to people’s homes.  The other part involves also hiring other people to help do the work and make her life even easier.   She discovered by hiring others, she could reach more people with massage and spa services while also providing people with jobs.

The first thing to do is to start where you are and start simply.  You don’t have to hire 10 people and offer 10 services.  See if you can team up with nail technicians or other professionals and create a team.  You can also jump right in and hire a few people  – and Helen explains how to do that too.  You’ll need a business name, a website for your business and have a plan for marketing your business.  It will help to create a niche for yourself so you can do more targeted marketing.  You will need to create your list of services, fees and figure out what you need to charge when you travel and things like that.  But don’t worry, it is all explained in the Ebook.

You can purchase the Ebook Alone or you can also get the additional coaching package from Helen Hodgson!


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